Transport of live pigs

Sucatrans specialises in the high-quality transport of breeding pigs and piglets. We traverse the whole of Europe with trailers equipped for top-quality animals, according to the most advanced standards and conditions. Thanks to the experience and good care of our drivers, Sucatrans always brings your animals to their destination in the best conditions.

"We transport the best breeding pigs all over Europe. They deserve the most sophisticated transport."

A conscious investment in technology and safety

In addition to the welfare and comfort of the animals, their health during transport is central. That is why we use climate-controlled trailers equipped with UVPE technology. This filtering kills all possible airborne bacteria, thus reducing the contamination risk during transport to a minimum.


Highly sanitary, anytime, anywhere!

In our sector, safety and cleanliness always go hand in hand. In order to fulfil our guarantees, highly sanitary transport is an absolute must. That is why we pay a lot of attention to cleaning the trailer during and after each transport and we only work with experienced and responsible Belgian drivers who know and comply with the regulations.

Use of white working clothes, boots, and gloves
Clean lorry with tidy cabin
Disinfection and steaming of the trailer after each ride
Modern equipment for quick cleaning