Perseverance and entrepreneurship in a strong family business

Sucatrans is a family business pur sang. Ignace Sucaet started to transport live pigs, mostly to the slaughterhouse, years ago. His activities expanded internationally and Ignace turned the Sucatrans focus towards mainly slaughterhouse transport to and from Italy.

An eye for opportunities and innovation

About 15 years ago, he resolutely opted to change course. At the request of various pig farmers in the region, Sucatrans started to specialise in the transport of breeding sows from Denmark. It’s a choice that brought many challenges with it.


In order to be able to transport these vulnerable animals in the best possible way, Ignace was the first in Belgium to have climate-controlled pig trailers built. His eye for opportunities and his perseverance in daring to invest in new technologies have made Sucatrans the exciting and thriving company it is today.


Professional partner in the pig sector

Thanks to its keen understanding of the market and continuous investment in modern and high-quality materials, Sucatrans remains invaluable in a highly specialised and demanding sector.

Sucatrans also makes the difference in terms of service. We take care of the administrative follow-up for each assignment. Kathleen ensures that all necessary documents are always in order and that the customer does not have to worry about a thing


Expertise and passion for the job

These are the core values of the entire Sucatrans team. No matter how advanced and modern the material may be, it is the people in this sector who make the difference.

 The drivers at Sucatrans are all passionate about their jobs. They stand out in the often highly competitive transport sector through their attention to the welfare of the animals, their attention to hygiene and safety, and the care for their equipment. As a company, we are particularly proud of this.