A conscious investment in innovative technology

Over the years, we have specialised in the transport of breeding pigs. This means that we very often go on the road with ‘top-quality material’. And those quality animals also deserve the safest and highest quality transport.

That is why Sucatrans has been investing in new technologies and advanced infrastructure for many years.

UVPE filtering

UVPE is short for ‘UltraViolet Pathogen Elimination’. This form of filtering ensures the elimination of all germs by means of ultraviolet light. We have built this technology, which has been used for a long time to purify pond water, for instance, into our trailer. All air entering the cargo area passes through the UV filter first. This allows us to offer an almost 100% guarantee that the air supplied during transport is free of germs, fungi, and bacteria.


Climate control

As a pioneer in Belgium, Sucatrans has been using climate-controlled trailers for many years. The constant optimisation of the conditions inside the cargo area benefits both the comfort and the health of the animals.

These holes, through which the fresh air is blown, are located in each layer in the hollow right-hand side wall. This airflow is controlled and filtered before it enters the cargo area. The built-in fans in the side wall ensure that the ‘dirty’ air is removed. This creates a controlled airflow that is evenly distributed in all layers throughout the cargo area.

The temperature is also permanently monitored during the journey. When it gets too hot or too cold in the cargo area, the system automatically adapts the ventilation to the optimum setting. The driver can monitor this process in the cabin and adjust it, if necessary.

The climate-controlled trailers also have a separate air conditioning and heating system for use in extremely cold or hot weather.